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Free Range Eggs – Made in Teesdale.  

Nestled high above Middleton in Teesdale, High Beverley Hens supply delicious fresh, free range eggs to homes across Teesdale.

Their flock of hens is free to roam across the stunning farm, having the full run of the fields and the freedom to roam amongst the pastures, laying their eggs where they wish!

Which can cause issues for Kathleen and her family tasked with collecting them each day.

High Beverley Hens is a family ran business,  farmers who have farmed here for 30 years. Diversifying into free range eggs in the middle of lockdown might not have seemed bound for success.

However the freshness of the eggs and the speed with which they arrive from field to table has proved hugley successful and with demand outstripping supply, Kathleen and the family are expanding their flock.

Free Delivery in DL12 Postcodes.

Minimum order 1 dozen. 

free range Teesdale eggs

£2 per dozen

free range Teesdale eggs

£4 for 2 dozen

free range Teesdale eggs

£5 per tray (2.5 dozen)

High Beverley Hens

Freshly Picked & Delivered

Delivered free within DL12 postcode

free range eggs Teesdale

Fresh Eggs From Free Range Hens

Tasty and perfect for baking

boxed eggs

Washed, Packed & Delivered

Direct to your door. 


Ethically Reared

Happy hens lay tasty eggs.

Hens With The Best View in Teesdale?

High Beverley

Why Eggs Are So Good For Us

Eggs are a natural source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals and are one of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods. They are a good source of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, zinc and copper.

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free range eggs

Ethically Reared

The entire flock is free range roaming around the farm at will. 

happy hens

Freshly Picked & Delivered

Eggs are freshly picked and often reach the customer within a day of being collected. 

Delivered Free in DL12 Postcode

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